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Cam Sutton continues to work on bringing another Lombardi to the City of Pittsburgh

Cameron Sutton will walk into the 2021 season with a big opportunity to start with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The organization chose to release Steven Nelson in the offseason and picked Cam Sutton over Nelson. Whether Nelson likes to admit it or not he was replaced in the offseason.

We will see over time if the Steelers were right to release Steven Nelson in the offseason. Regardless the Steelers organization feel they have more confidence in Cam Sutton on the outside rather than Steven Nelson and they told him during his exit meeting that they plan to allow him to compete for Nelson's spot in the 2021 offseason.

Sutton recently sat down with Missi Matthews for a 1 on 1 interview with and he says he is going to continue to reap the benefits of the continued grind with football. He says every day grind that everyone doesn't get to see outside of the finished product on game days. Sutton and the Pittsburgh Steelers seem to have a really good relationship and he's thrilled to stay in Pittsburgh.

Cam Sutton on bringing another Lombardi to the City of Pittsburgh: “With this opportunity to still be in Pittsburgh, I’m able to continue to build off the things that we were able to do in the first four years,” Sutton said. “Work to bring No. 7 back to Pittsburgh, that’s our goal each and every time we step out on the field. It’s thrilling to even talk about it. I just get the chills, I’m really excited to know what I can and what I will do for the organization. I’m really ready to show that to you guys.”

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