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Cam Heyward sent out a tweet telling Devin Bush to 'Calm his ass down' yesterday on Twitter

Days of our lives continue with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Social Media. Only this time one of the Steeler's prominent veterans decided to step in and tell Devin Bush to 'calm his ass down' on social media. I must admit Devin Bush has been pretty entertaining on Twitter, but at times he seems to take things a little too far especially after he posted a video of a cat falling at least 30 stories high and becoming paralyzed.

It seems that the Pittsburgh Steelers have reached out to Bush to ask him to limit his tweets. Bush even says he was 'fined' by the organization. The Steelers have not released a statement in regards to Devin Bush, but I am sure Mike Tomlin will be asked about him once training camp starts on July 28th. In the meantime, Bush recently tweeted out 'Welcome to the mind of a psycho.' Heyward responded with 'Calm your ass down.'

It is about time one of the Steelers veterans told him to pipe down. What was once funny at first is starting to become a problem and someone needs to take his phone away from him because it looks like Antonio Brown decided to start tweeting from Devin Bush's Twitter account. Bush did not send a tweet back to Cam Heyward which is a good idea not to do, but it seems he is taking aim at Darrynton Evans from the Titans.

Bush then ended up tweeting out 'Real Raw Authentic.' I am not sure what has happened to Devin Bush, but to me, it seems like Bush is going through something. He was pretty quiet during his rookie season, but after tearing his ACL and going through rehab it seems like he is going to come into the 2021 season with a chip on his shoulder.

I just hope he doesn't continue to bring unnecessary drama toward the Pittsburgh Steelers. We don't need another Antonio Brown on the team and Bush is a very talented football player. I hope he can get it together and have a great 2021 season with the Steelers.


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