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Cam Heyward on Stopping the Run and Week 2 against the Broncos

The Steelers were looking to stop the run against the Giants on Monday. That was their plan and they executed it flawlessly. By holding the Giants elite runner to just 6 yards during the whole game Cam Heyward explained how they did it.

Cam said he gives credit to the defensive backs for coming into the box and helping against the run.

Although the Steelers defense looked impressive this week Cam Heyward is looking toward the future. The Steelers get the Broncos in Week 2.

"That week's behind us," Heyward emphasized. "We have new challenges, a different beast to conquer. If we're not careful we're not going take care of our business. Week in and week out we've got to come ready to play, stop this run."

Cam Heyward acknowledges he will be seeing their former offensive line coach Mike Munchak in Denver. Heyward says things could get complicated with Munch.

"'Munch' is the ultimate spy right now," Heyward assessed. "He's broken down our defense more than any other offensive coordinator or O-line coach has. 

"He's going to put his offense in a good position, whether it's combo-blocking, trying to get the pressure off so he does a lot of play-actions and boots (bootlegs) to combat that.

"We've got to make sure we stay in our gaps. I think 'Munch's' offenses have always been very good when they can get D-linemen and outside linebackers out of their gaps, and they can just get to the second level. We got to make sure we have a disciplined defense that runs and hits."

Heyward says Munchak has broken down the Steelers defense more than any other offensive coach in the NFL. He says the Steelers need to make sure the defense stays in their gaps. The defense needs to make sure they're disciplined against a skillful offensive line coach who is the best in the NFL.

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