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Cam Heyward: "I could be gone next season"

Emotions were running high after the Steelers lost to the Browns and they should be. It was a disappointing ending to a season that had many ups and downs. Next season doesn't look any better in regards to the Steeler's salary cap and free agents. The Steelers did not have 1 sack last night against the Browns. Stephon Tuitt, Cam Heyward, and TJ Watt had an awful last game of the 2020 season as well. So of course emotions were running high after the game.

Cam Heyward after the game: "It's totally possible," defensive captain Cam Heyward said when asked about wholesale changes this offseason, via Joe Rutter of the Tribune-Review. "I could be gone next year. I don't know what to expect. We are in uncharted territory, to say the least. Changes have to be made."

Heyward signed a 4-year contract with the Steelers in the offseason. So it is highly unlikely Heyward will be done with the Steelers. The only way would be if he retires or is traded in the offseason. Cam Heyward is a major component of the Steelers defense. It was a disappointing game with the Steeler's defense so we think Cam responded with emotion after the game. Once the dust settles Heyward will be back in the Black and Gold next season unless something surprising happens during the offseason.

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