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Cam Heyward has some kind words for Bud Dupree

Bud Dupree is now a rich man. He is going to the Titans for a monumental deal that is well deserved and I'm glad that even after a serious ACL injury. So, good on Bud. He got countless praise from different members of the team. Including TJ Watt. However, Cam Heyward had some really kind words to say to him.

Tennessee is for sure getting a heckuva player. If he can get back to what he once was they should improve their defense quite a bit. Bud Dupree's deal is going to be somewhat replicated when the Steelers have to sign TJ Watt.

I wish the Steelers could've retained Bud, however, we weren't able to pay him his value of what he deserved. His position in the NFL is a position of value. In the draft, there are really no surefire players at the outside linebacker spot. So, it's better to spend big to get a guaranteed stud and that's what they did.

We wish him the best! Thanks for all you did for the city of Pittsburgh! Hopefully, you can get a ring with Tennessee. It will be weird seeing you in a different uniform. However, it's a business.

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