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Cam Heyward goes down late in Baltimore

(Photo Obtained via Getty Images from Joe Sargent)

Steelers enjoyed themselves another massive win. However, the Steelers could be without defensive standout Cam Heyward. We still don’t know the full details of his injury. Some of the good news is he went into the locker room under his own power. That much is good. It is also reported that Ravens fans were booing Heyward as he was being helped off the field. Which I can understand that tempers were flaring but still, this much is not needed in the game of football.

I suspect based on the way he looked, that it could possibly be a week-to-week injury at the very least. Hopefully that’s all and we get him back pretty soon for a title run. However, Steelers fans will continue to worry till we can get an official update from sources around the team.

Henry Mondeaux filled nicely in the short stint he was in the game. However, this was his second career game. Cam Heyward is going to be greatly missed if he has to miss time. The Steelers have bent. However, they are never going to be broken as long as #7 keeps balling out.

Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the nature or extent of Cam Heyward's injury that forced him from the game on the final drive was not detailed by Mike Tomlin. But Heyward is OK and his injury is not serious.

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