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Bud Dupree's Market Value heading into Free Agency is $18.2 million according to Spotrac

The Steelers are expected to lose quite a few free agents this offseason due to their cap issues coming at the wrong time. Bud Dupree, Alejandro Villanueva, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and others are set to hit free agency on March 17th barring any last-minute deals. Dupree is ranked the 23rd best free agent on the market according to CBS and he is expected to generate tons of attention when the market opens up.

Dupree was on his way to having an incredible season with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2020. That was until he went down with an ACL tear against the Baltimore Ravens. The Steelers definitely could have used him going into the playoffs. I will say Bud Dupree and TJ Watt are one of the best if not the best duo edges in the NFL. It will hurt to lose Dupree in the offseason and I think he is highest on the Steelers list to try and keep, but they know once he hits free agency teams like the Colts, Falcons, Panthers, and Titans will be offering him deals the Steelers cannot afford.

It would take a friendly contract to stay in Pittsburgh for Bud Dupree, but Dupree has already laughed at the idea when John Clayton brought it up on 93.7 the fan. Dupree's market value heading into free agency is a whopping $18.2 million annually. Spotrac feels Dupree will be offered a 4 year, $72.8 million dollar contract in the offseason. The Steelers will not be able to compete with that offer. It pains me to say this, but barring any surprises before March 17th it looks like Bud Dupree could be gone. He is one of the highest free agents I would like the Steelers to keep, but $18.1 million annually is just too much money.

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