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Bud Dupree is walking again

A video has surfaced of Bud Dupree in the Steelers training room up and moving. It looks like our beloved linebacker is getting back on his feet and moving forward in his recovery. This recovery will definitely take some time but Steelers fans definitely have to be encouraged

It’s nice to see Bud Dupree up and moving, hopefully we are able to keep him around for the long-term. It will be tough to do, however, it would be the best thing for both parties to get a deal done that suits Bud Dupree. The Steelers know him well and he’s proven worthy of a deal.

My prediction: I think Bud might get a shorter deal from the Steelers while he recovers. However, after that. I think the Steelers should be able to get a long term deal worked out with Bud. However, if he is to leave, I feel as if this injury might hurt his value some.

I would love to see him and TJ Watt terrorizing Quarterbacks for years to come. Defense Wins Championships and I see their defense as a great way to do just that. Bud Dupree is too good to let go. However, Bud might be out of our price range with our Cap Space woes. However, if something can be done, it needs to be done.

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