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Bud Dupree: "I've never seen fans as loyal as Pittsburgh Steeler fans"

Bud Dupree penned his final goodbye to the Pittsburgh Steelers organization and fans yesterday. He wrote an article in the Player's Tribune saying Thank You, Steeler Nation. Dupree's departure will leave a hole on the opposite side of TJ Watt, but the Steelers planned ahead of time knowing Dupree was going to leave in 2021. Insert Alex Highsmith.

No matter what happens in 2021 Dupree will be missed in Pittsburgh because he had a special bond with the organization and fans. You could see how big of a bond he had in his Thank You article to Pittsburgh. He says 'Hell Yeah he is going to miss Steeler fans because they're special. The entire City of Pittsburgh is special.' He tried to go out into the city and learn the culture so he can get a strong foundation of how Pittsburghers live. He said the City of Pittsburgh is very unique and more than anything it was the people he fell in love with. Dupree felt that love in return.

Dupree said Mike Tomlin was not only a leader on the football field but a father figure to him. One of the biggest things Dupree will miss being in Pittsburgh is Renegade playing for the defense. He said don't even get me started about those Double Renegade games. Bud says he has never had more fun on a football field in his life and it was absolutely special when he was on the football field in a Pittsburgh Steeler uniform.

Through High School, College, and the NFL Bud Dupree has never seen football fans as loyal as Pittsburgh. Dupree will be missed with the Steelers and who will miss him the most is TJ Watt. They were one of the best duos in the NFL who had a special bond together. Tomlin even said Watt tends to keep to himself. He is more of a lone wolf. The only person Tomlin recalled TJ talking to the most was Bud Dupree. Now TJ Watt will say Goodbye to his buddy Bud Dupree and will take Alex Highsmith under his wing going into 2021. Highsmith is capable of replacing Bud Dupree, but many Steeler fans need to be patient with him. It was great while it lasted with Bud Dupree. I wish him nothing but the best for his future endeavors. So long Bud Dupree. Thank you for what you brought to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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