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Bud Dupree felt he let the Steelers Defense down after his ACL Injury in 2020

There is no doubt the Pittsburgh Steelers lost one of their coveted free agents on the first day he was able to go onto the market. Bud Dupree has decided he will sign with the Titans on a massive five-year, $85 million dollar deal with $35 million in guaranteed money. The Steelers knew they had no shot at signing Bud Dupree in the offseason, but they still kept in close communication with him.

When Bud Dupree went down with an ACL injury against the Ravens he felt he left the Steelers defense out to dry. Dupree is right in saying he couldn't be there for his team when they needed him the most because the Steelers would eventually lose 5 of 6 games toward the end of the season and that is including an embarrassing loss at home against the Cleveland Browns who have not won at Heinz Field in 17 seasons.

Bud Dupree: "The main thing I was mad about was the run we were on," Dupree said about his injury. "And me not being able to be on the field with my teammates. I was the most mad about that, man. I felt like I let a couple people out to dry. I was down bad for two days."

The worst part about Dupree going down with an ACL tear in 2020 is because he was on the franchise tag. The Steelers bet on him in a big way and Dupree was playing exceptionally well, but then the injury happened. Two turning points in 2020 seem to be when Dupree went down with an ACL injury and the Washington Football team exposed the Steelers. They were never the same since.

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