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Bucky Brooks says "Mike Tomlin is on his way to getting a Gold Jacket just like Noll and Cowher"

Mike Tomlin has been the Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach since 2007. He has done a great job over the course of his time in Pittsburgh. That seems to be the reason why the Pittsburgh Steelers have decided to give him a 3-year extension to run through 2024. There is no in-between with Pittsburgh Steeler fan's views in regards to Mike Tomlin, they either love him or hate him, but is Tomlin a Pro Football Hall of Fame Football Coach?

Bucky Brooks says Mike Tomlin is a Pro Football Hall of Fame Coach and some fans will have a hard time coming to grips with the idea of Tomlin in a gold jacket once his career ends in Pittsburgh. Brooks says Tomlin is not only one of the best head coaches in the NFL today, but he is an all-time great on a path that leads straight to Canton.

During Tomlin's time in Pittsburgh, his record is 145-78-1. The Steelers have made the playoffs nine times and the Steelers have won the AFC North title seven times. Not only that the Steelers have appeared in the Super Bowl two times with Tomlin and even won one super bowl. Tomlin has not had one losing regular season with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Brooks feels he is on his way to getting a gold jacket just like Chuck Noll and Bill Cowher have earned.

Brooks did bring up Tomlin's playoff issues as being seen as an underachiever since he has a playoff record of 3-6, but he still calls Mike Tomlin a gem. In the future, Mike Tomlin will have to show he is a good coach without Ben Roethlisberger, but Brooks thinks Steeler fans will gain a sense of appreciation for the future Hall of Famer as he remakes the Pittsburgh Steelers into a title contender following a Super Bowl drought. Brooks made great points in regards to Mike Tomlin, but even he knows there is some unknown coming to Pittsburgh once Ben Roethlisberger decides to retire.


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