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Browns now listed as favorites to land JJ Watt

(Jason Miller/Getty Images)

According to BetOnline, JJ Watt is favored to become a Cleveland Brown. We hope this is not the case. However, Cleveland is more likely to be a place that JJ Watt would like to go. They have the money and the aspirations that Watt most likely will be looking for in the twilight of his career.

With the news of the Salary Cap Floor at 180 million, that is somewhat encouraging if you are the Steelers because it is 5 million more than we originally thought. However, it still will not be enough to bring back any of our key Free-Agents and possibly have any splash signings such as a player like JJ Watt. Right now, the Steelers are at the mercy of Ben Roethlisberger and the Front Office.

The Browns would benefit from adding in a player like JJ Watt. I mean, pairing him up with Myles Garrett would be deadly. The Cleveland Browns are going to be serious contenders once again this season. Most of this depends on the play of their Quarterback Baker Mayfield who is going to be looking forward to a contract extension soon.

There is still hope for the Steelers, but I am going to lean on him going elsewhere at this point. Trust me, I hope I am wrong. However, it is not looking that way currently according to betting odds. The Steelers will need to try and persuade Watt to come to Pittsburgh and brotherly love doesn’t seem to be enough for JJ Watt.

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