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Browns must go through Steelers for Playoff Berth

The Steelers are going to have a chance to end this Browns’ historic season early with a win at First Energy Stadium against Baker Mayfield and Company. However, Coach Tomlin might choose to rest the starters which gives the Browns the best chance to win this game.

The Steelers will have a long road ahead when they are facing playoff caliber teams in a few weeks. Ben Roethlisberger has stayed relatively healthy this year, however, having rest will be important down the stretch. I think his body will need the break.

It would be nice to end Cleveland’s hopes and dreams. However, like I said I’m not sure if we can win this without our starters. Myles Garrett and that Browns defense should suffocate our offense.

Playing Mason Rudolph may catch the Browns a little off guard because they would need to use old tape on him. Hopefully, Mason has grown since our last matchup and he’s added some new dynamics to his game.

Other starters might rest too. I would predict we would rest TJ Watt, Cam Heyward and a handful of others too. On the other hand, Tomlin might opt to keep these stars in to make sure we have a good chance of knocking the Browns out of the Playoff hunt.

I still think Ben Roethlisberger’s had his last game this year. Ending the season on a high note for himself to prepare himself for the playoff run. We will need him then more than we would need him in week 17.


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