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Browns’ COVID-19 Tests come back Negative

This is the best news we could get ahead of the marque matchup against the Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Wild-Card. Having no new positive tests will hopefully mean that the game should go on without a hitch this Sunday.

However, the Browns are still airing on the side of caution making sure that they continue to meet virtually. So, hopefully tomorrow the Browns can get in some in-person practices before the game on Sunday Night.

Having this game on Sunday Night is the best thing for both teams because it gives the league extra time to identify the spread and hopefully slow it down and put an end to it. We just need to hope that Steelers players and coaches continue to test negative ahead of this matchup.

Kevin Stefanski not coaching for the Browns will hurt the Browns. However, having time to plan is key for the team in making sure that they are prepared for this Steelers matchup. It also helps that these teams know each other quite well and hopefully all the preparation is a little easier right now. However, still this the NFL and preparation is key.

Baker Mayfield and the Browns have all to prove against this Steelers team. I think this game will be closer than others think. However, I still think our Pittsburgh Steelers will be able to pull ahead.


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