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Brian Schottenheimer should be considered for the Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Coordinator Position

The Pittsburgh Steelers have announced they will be parting ways with Randy Fichtner after 3 years. It is about time the Steelers have made this move. Fichtner should have been fired last season. It cost them another Super Bowl run with Ben Roethlisberger. Now the Steelers will be in the market to look for a new offensive coordinator once the 2020 season ends. Normally the Steelers will look in-house for a coordinator with Matt Canada's name coming up the most. The Steelers do this because they generally do not like to change everything around in regards to their system. This season though is an unusual season for the Steelers because the team will be mostly new.

Brian Schottenheimer was just released from the Seattle Seahawks. In a season where Russell Wilson threw for 40 touchdowns and was considered the MVP until the end of the season. Not only did Russell Wilson have a great season their wide-receivers DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett ended up breaking receiving records in Seattle. Seattle announced Brian's removal because of "philosophical differences," at the end of their playoff game in the Wild Card round. The Seahawk's offense was on a record pace at the beginning of the season, but problems hurt them toward the end of the season.

Whisenhunt is another name that should be brought up this offseason as well. Whisenhunt helped shape Ben Roethlisberger during his rookie year. He helped the Steelers make the playoffs 4 times in 6 years and served as the Steelers offensive coordinator with the Steelers in 2005 during their Super Bowl win. Whisenhunt was eventually taken away from the Steelers and could be a good option to bring back as well.

Brian Schottenheimer does fit the mold with the Steelers the most. Especially in regards to throwing down-field. He should be given a shot, but we understand both options with Whisenhunt and Canada. The only thing we don't like in regards to Matt Canda is his approach to calling more College type of plays rather than NFL plays. The Steelers need to get this right in regards to a new offensive coordinator. They don't want to become the Browns organization by replacing their coordinators every other season. Typically that is not how the Steelers work, but these next coming seasons are going to be unusual territory in Pittsburgh. My options would be Schottenheimer, Whisenhunt, and Canada to replace Randy Fichtner in Pittsburgh. All in that order.

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