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Brian Flores' demanding mentality is just what Devin Bush needs

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Brian Flores is an understudy of Bill Belichick. So, it's not surprising that Terrell Edmunds described him as a "bulldog" and having a "military mentality." Flores even admitted at minicamp on Wednesday that he's demanding.

"I am demanding," Flores said. "I make no bones about it. I think Mike (Tomlin) is demanding. That is coaching. Our guys have responded to it well. I think when you are trying to help someone grow, get better, they need those details, that push to get better, get to the next level."

Flores' demanding mentality is just what Devin Bush needs. Flores will coach him hard and won't let him slack off. Yes, Bush coming off an ACL injury last season could have played a factor in his poor play, but it was evident at times that effort was lacking. Former Steelers players Merril Hoge and Chris Hoke have stated this numerous times, so I'm not saying anything earth-shattering.

The Steelers did not pick up the fifth-year option on Bush’s rookie contract and if he doesn't turn things around this season, his tenure in Pittsburgh will be over and he'll be labeled as the third first-round bust selected by Kevin Colbert during his time with the Steelers -- joining Jarvis Jones and Artie Burns.

“The physical part, he looks good out here,” Flores said of Bush. “He’s moving around well. That’s the case for all of them. You can’t really evaluate linebackers until you put the pads on. It’s one thing to be out here in shorts, and it’s another to take on a 330-pound guard who’s coming at you. It’s early in the process. So far, he’s done a nice job along with all the guys in that room.”

Like Edmunds, Bush also raved about the addition of Flores.

"I think he's a big, big addition to the Steelers," Bush said. "Having him in the room is outstanding. He's a guy that is real football-minded. He loves the game. You can ask him any type of question, have any type of discussion with him. Talk about football or life, honestly."

Steelers' linebackers coach Jerry Olsavsky thinks Bush will respond to adversity and bounce back after a tumultuous 2021 season.

"Devin Bush is a great player," Olsavsky said via Mike Prisuta of "Sometimes people have good years, some people have bad years, good pays, bad plays. But the measure of you is how you respond to adversity, we know that our whole lives.

"When you get hit, you gotta stand back up. I know Devin and I'm confident he's gonna step up."

With his experience and expertise in coaching linebackers, and learning from one of the greatest coaches of all time in Belichick, Flores could be the spark that Bush needs to turn his career around.

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