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Brian Baldinger says the 'best fit' for Malik Willis is the Steelers

(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

Brian Baldinger of the NFL Network is the latest analyst to claim that the Steelers are the perfect landing spot for Liberty quarterback Malik Willis.

"A guy I know that can push the ball down the field is Malik Willis, and I have him matched up with the Pittsburgh Steelers with the 20th pick," Baldinger said.

Willis showed off his cannon at the NFL Scouting Combine on Friday, and Baldinger sees some similarities with Ben Roethlisberger when it comes to pure arm strength.

"I mean, they're going to lose a big strong arm Hall of Fame quarterback in Ben Roethlisberger. They got to replace him. And I think the succession plan is Malik Willis," Baldinger said. "And when you watch him throw the ball, he's got a power arm. That's what we saw with Ben when he was coming out of (Miami of Ohio) almost 20 years ago. When you play in (the) AFC North you got to be able to push the ball through some crazy weather -- in Cleveland, in Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore. And it seems like those are the quarterbacks that flourish in that division."

Mike Tomlin raved about quarterback mobility throughout the 2021 season and how it's a must-have in today's league. And Willis has that skillset. That's why there have been numerous reports that the Steelers are intrigued by Willis.

"I think Malik Willis is a good fit, and I think he's got a great upside," Baldinger said. "And I think Najee Harris is going to love the fact that he has that ability to take off with it, as well."

Willis has a ton of potential, but he would need at least a year to serve as a backup, as he's not NFL ready yet. The talent and upside is there, however. While Tomlin probably dreams of Willis being in the black and gold, it would be surprising if he falls to the Steelers at 20th overall. After his Combine performance, I think he's a lock to go in the top 10. Willis will only land in Pittsburgh if the Steelers trade up for him.

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