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Brandon Marshall says the Biggest Issue with Ben Roethlisberger is his Stubbornness

The Steelers have officially started their moves for 2021. One of those moves was bringing Ben Roethlisberger back to a one-year deal in 2021. The Steeler's only option at this point was to bring Ben Roethlisberger back. They have a top 5 defense in the NFL and Ben is the only quarterback on the roster currently who gives them the best shot at winning. So I agree with the Steelers bringing Ben back, but the Steelers created this problem because they continue to kick the can down the road by not looking for a quarterback that can help them in the future.

On First Things First Brandon Marshall said the Steeler's only option was to bring Ben back. He said the Steelers are generally not big players in free agency. That is a true statement they typically are not big players when it comes to free agency, but when you look at where the Steelers are at now they at least need to make some moves to help put a winning team on the field around Ben Roethlisberger coming into 2021.

Marshall asked why the Steelers shouldn't pick up the phone and make a call for a Russell Wilson or a Deshaun Watson because the Steelers currently have a top 5 defense that can win a championship and now the Steelers bring in a quarterback who can just get it done. Brandon says it's not that Big Ben can't get it done that is not the issue. He says the issue is his stubbornness on the football field. The Steelers need to run the plays they intend to run especially if they want to hand the ball off or they want to do things a little differently. He just can't go outside of what the offensive coordinator wants to do.

One of the best options Marshall said for the Steelers is to sit down Big Ben and sit down their offensive coordinator then figure out what works for both of them because it seems Big Ben runs the show in Pittsburgh and he has run the show for a very long time, but the Steelers haven't been back to the Super Bowl.

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