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Bradshaw once checked into a Louisiana Hospital under the Alias 'Thomas Brady' for Arm Surgery

On this day in 1983, Terry Bradshaw checked into a Louisiana hospital for arm surgery. He did it under the name 'Thomas Brady.' What a weird coincidence the Best Quarterback in the NFL is now named Tom Brady?! At the time when Bradshaw checked in Brady was only 6 years of age.

Quirky research on Twitter found a clipping from a newspaper with the title saying "Steeler 'Tom Brady' undergoes arm surgery. The article says that Bradshaw underwent surgery to repair muscle tears in his throwing elbow. This was also Bradshaw's final season with the Pittsburgh Steelers too. The article continued to say rather than checking in under his real name, Bradshaw attempted to maintain a low profile.

Did Bradshaw know something we didn't know? Can Bradshaw see into the future? All Bradshaw wanted to do was keep a low profile in the hospital and now he is looking like Nostradamus.

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