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Both Matt Williamson and Dale Lolley have the Steelers Selecting Najee Harris in the First-Round

There have been plenty of mock drafts to go through in the past couple of weeks. The majority of those mock drafts have the Steelers taking Najee Harris or an offensive lineman. Let's just say the most favorite right now is Najee Harris. just recently released their mock draft 1.0 today. They have three writers who mock the Steelers pick at no. 24. Dale Lolley, Matt Williamson, and Mike Prisuta give their take on who the Steelers might pick coming on draft day. 2 of the 3 journalists have the Steelers selecting Najee Harris. Mike Prisuta has the Steelers selecting offensive tackle Teven Jenkins from Oklahoma.

Williamson on why he would select Najee Harris, "The Steelers couldn't count on their running game last year. Why not add the best back in the draft and a guy that fits Pittsburgh extremely well?"

Lolley on why he would select Najee Harris, "The best running back in the draft. The early run on offensive tackles takes that position off the board."

There is no doubt that Najee Harris is going to be the best back out of the NFL draft. That also will depend on where he lands as well too. He would fit perfectly with the Pittsburgh Steelers. It would also get them back on track with their power running game in no time. The Steelers must take him if he is available when it comes time for their draft pick in the First Round of the 2021 NFL draft.

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