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Bob Labriola suggests Chase Claypool had 'diva tendencies' as the 2020 season went on

The Steelers website has had some interesting takes lately. Labriola has been letting his opinions fly. It should be noted Labriola does not make decisions for the Steelers, but he is part of the media. Art Rooney II also talks more to Labriola than most of the media.

Bob Labriola on Chase Claypool: “Claypool didn’t need very long to establish himself as a difference-maker, as a receiver capable of making plays down the field, and he was the offense’s primary deep threat throughout the season. If there was a negative, it was that it seemed as though Claypool’s diva quotient increased consistently over the course of his rookie season. Whether that turns into a problem or comes to be viewed in the future as growing pains will develop over time.”

Wow, that is quite an opinion coming from Labriola saying Claypool has shown 'diva tendencies' as the 2020 season went along. At least he isn't throwing furniture over a balcony or filming himself cussing his baby momma in front of the cops while his kids are with her. Claypool is a rookie and he is looking to build his brand like JuJu. There is nothing wrong with building a brand outside of football, but you have to be careful what you say on social media because the media will use it every single time.

The last time there was a big story with Chase Claypool was when he said the Browns would be clapped by the Chiefs. I mean was he lying? If it wasn't for Mahomes going down they would have been clapped. Again it just comes down to the delivery of what you say on social media.

You don't want to give the media any more ammunition. I don't think Claypool will become a Diva overtime I feel he just loves the spotlight and needs to mature. He will mature as the NFL seasons go on or else the Steelers will have to sit down with him and discuss it like they have done with JuJu in regards to dancing on other opponents' logos. Right now I don't think Claypool is an issue he just needs to watch what he says going further because he is going to become one of the Steeler's top players on the team.

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