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Bob Labriola says he would re-sign Cam Sutton over Mike Hilton in 2021

The two most underrated free agents most talked about this offseason are Cam Sutton and Mike Hilton. It has been a big debate among Steeler fans who they would like to keep. Personally, I would like to keep both, but the Steelers may have to choose this offseason between Hilton and Sutton. The Steelers could potentially restructure some contracts around to try and keep both, but it could be hard to do.

Bob Labriola recently answered a question on why he would re-sign Cam Sutton over Mike Hilton. The reason why Labriola says he would pick Sutton over Hilton is that Sutton can play outside cornerback and because even as a nickel cornerback, Sutton is better in coverage than Mike Hilton.

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