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Bob Labriola says Casey Hampton shouldn't be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Who remembers the name 'Big Snack?' He was a legend in Pittsburgh during their Super Bowl runs with probably the best Steelers defense to ever grace the field of football in Pittsburgh. Hampton was a first-round pick from the Steelers in the 2001 NFL Draft at number 19. Casey played 12 seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers and was an integral part of their Super Bowl Winning Defense.

Labriola was recently asked if he thought Casey Hampton should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Bob says he doesn't think he should be. He acknowledges Casey was a very valuable part of the Steelers teams who won many games and a couple of Super Bowls, but he was a defensive lineman who came off of the field in passing situations. Labriola feels that any defensive lineman who's removed from the field on passing downs does not deserve to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. If Casey doesn't deserve the Hall of Fame he definitely deserves the Steelers Hall of Honor.

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