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Bob Labriola likes Najee Harris over Javonte Williams and Travis Etienne

There will be a ton of articles arguing who is the best running back in the 2021 NFL draft. One of the biggest needs heading into the draft for the Steelers is the running back and offensive line positions. It's hard to gauge who will be available when the Steelers pick, but if the Steelers do decide to take a running back it will be between Najee Harris, Travis Etienne, Javonte Williams, or Michael Carter.

The Steelers will need to do a lot of homework because many draft analysts are now projecting Javonte Williams to come off the board in the first round now. That complicates things for the Steelers because now the Steelers might have to consider taking a running back in the first round instead of taking one in the second round because from pick 24 to 55 is a lot of picks. Again it comes down to the Steelers doing their homework this offseason before the draft.

Bob Labriola recently answered a question in his Asked and Answered March 11th article. He was asked who he would take between Najee Harris, Travis Etienne, or Javonte Williams? Here is Bob Labriola's full answer: "The style of offense a particular team employs could be a factor as to which of these three running backs would provide the best fit, and recently Javonte Williams has been climbing the mock draft boards, and those mock drafts are starting to list him as a possible first-round pick. But that kind of speculation is typical for this time of year, as the "draft experts" start tripping all over each other trying to come up with a unique angle on the same information. I like Najee Harris, but I also admit my opinion is based on watching a lot of Alabama games during the last couple of college football seasons and not seeing the other two very much at all."

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