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Bleacher Report says it would be ideal if the Pittsburgh Steelers traded for Sam Darnold in 2021

NFL teams cannot begin trading until March 17th for the 2021 season, but that doesn't mean sportswriters can't list their ideal trade packages. There has been a lot of talk in regards to the quarterback position in Pittsburgh. One of the biggest topics has been between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Sam Darnold. ESPN has said the Pittsburgh Steelers would be the best market to revive Darnold's career and now Bleacher Report says it would be ideal for the Steelers to trade for Sam Darnold.

Bleacher Report feels the Steelers will find themselves in a lame-duck season in 2021 if they do not find their quarterback of the future. General Manager Kevin Colbert should have begun the process of finding the Steelers a quarterback of the future several years ago, but he should start it this season. Bleacher feels the Steelers would be ideal for Darnold because he could take a year sitting behind Hall of Famer Ben Roethlisberger. The Jets should also pick their quarterback of the future with the second pick in the NFL Draft. Ultimately Bleacher Report feels it would be optimal for both sides. Pittsburgh could get their quarterback of the future and Sam Darnold will get an opportunity in a better football system to revive his career.

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