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Bleacher Report says the Steelers Biggest Mistake in the Past 5 years was Drafting Artie Burns

The cornerback position has not been friendly to the Pittsburgh Steelers over the years. For some reason, the organization cannot find a quality cornerback in the NFL draft if their life depended on it. Now if you ask the Steelers to draft a wide receiver that would be a different story, but for some reason, the organization does not scout well in regards to cornerback.

There could be a name that comes to mind as being the 'Biggest Mistake' the Steelers have made in the past 5 years and it seems Bleacher Report has already named him. They feel Artie Burns was the biggest mistake the Steelers have drafted. The Steelers made it known they saw enough from Artie Burns after declining his fifth-year option. They were hoping that would motivate him to become better, but that wasn't the case. Burns ended up declining even more and eventually fizzled away from Pittsburgh.

Artie Burn's playing time went from playing 99 percent of the time to 30 percent and then in his final two seasons with the Steelers he ended up playing only six percent. Over his 36 percent playing time, he allowed six touchdowns on 20 targets according to Bleacher Report. I would have to agree that Artie Burns is probably the worst draft pick in the past 5 seasons. Jarvis Jones would probably be the biggest draft bust the Steelers have had since 2013, even over Burns.


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