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Bleacher Report says Jadeveon Clowney's Best Landing Spot would be in Pittsburgh

Bud Dupree has found a new home with the Tennessee Titans in the offseason signing a mega-contract for five-years. Jadeveon Clowney's time with the Titans looks to be over with as he hit the open market. Clowney is still sitting on the open market. In 2020 Clowney was sitting on the market for a while waiting for a big deal but ended up signing a one-year deal with the Titans for more than $12 million, but the max was up to $15 million dollars.

Bleacher Report feels Jadeveon Clowney's best landing spot this offseason will be with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Over eight games with the Titans, he registered zero sacks but was decent. Pro Football Focus gave Clowney a rating of 74.9 ending the season in 2020. Bleacher Report says with the Titans splurging on Bud Dupree to fill that void and create pressure, it seems unlikely Clowney will be back with the Titans, but that could create an interesting angle by going to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Essentially a swap with Bud Dupree on the open market.

They feel Jadeveon Clowney will have to settle for a cheaper deal while sitting on the open market in 2021. He may not want a cheaper deal at the age of 28, but he could be sitting on the market longer than expected. He may be better off finding a better schematic fit for himself rather than just taking the biggest deal. He could get another one-year deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers who love to rush the quarterback and explode in that scheme. The Steelers do have Alex Highsmith, but he is going into his sophomore season and it may take some time for him to finally develop as the Steelers want him to. Just like Bud Dupree did.

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