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Bleacher Report ranks Ben Roethlisberger's Supporting Cast as the 23rd Best Group in the NFL

Not many in the National Media love what the Steelers organization did in the 2021 NFL draft. Many seem to say the Steelers are going to start declining after the 2020 season even though the Steelers managed to go undefeated (11-0) without a running game. Draft Analysts feel the Steelers should have drafted an offensive lineman instead of a running back in the first round, but the organization knew Najee Harris would not be there in the second round if they passed on him in the first. I believe the Steelers made the right decision.

Bleacher Report recently ranked every NFL QB's supporting cast heading into the 2021 season. They ranked the Pittsburgh Steeler's supporting cast as the 23rd best in the NFL. That is five spots higher than they ranked the Steelers in 2020 (18th). This could be it for Ben Roethlisberger in 2021 and Bleacher feels he has a promising supporting cast.

They continued to say the Steelers wide receiver group is quite good. While the Steelers do not have a true number one wide receiver on their team they do have JuJu Smith-Schuster, Chase Claypool, Diontae Johnson, and James Washington who are all very talented wide receivers on the football field.

They continued to say the Steelers could have a solid duo in the tight-end positions heading into the 2021 season after drafting Pat Freiermuth. The Steelers have not had a very good tight-end since Heath Miller left town and they're hoping Pat Freiermuth can become their new Heath Miller.

Although Bleacher Report feels the Steelers can potentially make a significant jump in 2021 with the addition of Najee Harris they still feel they deserve to be ranked the 23rd best offense in the NFL. A lot of the Pittsburgh Steelers' success in 2021 will fall onto Najee Harris's shoulders and if Harris cannot get it going in Pittsburgh then their success on the football field will be quite disappointing in 2021 according to Bleacher Report.

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