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Bleacher Report predicts the Steelers will sign TJ Watt to a 5-Year $140 Million Dollar Contract

The 2021 offseason hasn't played out yet and already many media outlets are predicting where the 2022 NFL free agents will land during the offseason. One of the biggest free agents in 2022 will be TJ Watt from the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers better not allow him to even get a sniff of free agency next season otherwise Watt will leave just like Bud Dupree did in the 2021 offseason only with an even bigger contract. So the Steelers will need to find a way to lock him up before free agency opens up in 2022. There is no option other than backing up the brinks truck in Pittsburgh and signing TJ Watt to a new contract in 2022.

Bleacher Report recently took on their predictions for many 2022 NFL Free Agents. One of the 2022 free agents they took on was Pittsburgh's TJ Watt. They predict he will re-sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2022 to a five-year, $140 million dollar contract. That would be the largest contract a linebacker has signed in Steelers Franchise History. As we sit here today TJ Watt has 49.5 sacks, 3 Pro-Bowl appearances, and two first-team All-Pro selections in four years with the Pittsburgh Steelers. That is ELITE level linebacker play.

Watt could even be the NFL's best youngest pass rusher heading into the 2021 season too. It seems Watt will be playing like his hair is on fire in 2021 after he was snubbed from the Defensive Player of the Year Award in 2019 and 2020. Although Bleacher Report does think TJ Watt will get a mega-contract in 2022 there could be an option where TJ Watt gets an extension before the 2021 offseason ends. I would think the Steelers would wait to see how his 2021 season plays out.

Bleacher Report feels no one would be surprised if TJ Watt passes Joey Bosa as being the highest-paid linebacker in the NFL. Watt will turn 27 in October so expect TJ Watt to get PAID soon. It is hard to imagine the Steelers allowing TJ Watt to test free agency in 2022 and I believe they will either lock him up in the 2021 offseason or be the Steeler's first priority once their 2021 season ends. It would be surprising if the Steelers do not lock up TJ Watt in Pittsburgh for many years to come.


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