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Bill Cowher would like to call one play for the Steelers during their Hall of Fame Game

Bill Cowher will be enshrined into Football Immortality very soon. In fact, the first week of August is going to be one of the biggest weeks in Steelers' history as the organization has five members heading into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Bill Cowher, Troy Polamalu, Bill Nunn, Alan Faneca, and Donnie Shell will be immortalized in August.

Cowher coached the Pittsburgh Steelers for 15 years and is argued to be the second-best head coach in Steelers history. Many Steeler fans feel Cowher is above Mike Tomlin, but below Chuck Noll. Championships alone can back up those statements. Ben Roethlisberger played most of his career with Cowher during his time in Pittsburgh and both were able to win two championships together. Both can say they complemented each other during their time with the game of football.

During a zoom call with Bill Cowher on Tuesday, he said he would like to call one play for the Steelers during the Hall of Fame Game against the Dallas Cowboys. In fact, he said specifically he would like to call a blitz. That is if Mike Tomlin has no issue and I don't personally think there would be any issues with Cowher calling one play during a pre-season game.

Cowher on calling one play for the Steelers at the Hall of Fame game: “Let me call one play, let me call one blitz,” Cowher said, “I’ll have Dick LeBeau with me, too. We’ll call one blitz, see if we can get Mike to run one. It will be fun."

I would imagine Cowher is chomping at the bit to call a play involving TJ Watt because the Steelers have not had a player of his caliber since Troy Polamalu. Not only that, but I bet Cowher would love to call a play against the Dallas Cowboys who were a formidable football team during his time in the NFL. Now the Cowboys are not so good, but it still would be great to see Cowher with the headset next to Coach Tomlin on the sidelines. I bet it would help their relationship out quite a bit!


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