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Bill Cowher takes on Social Justice Issues and Picks his Super Bowl Teams for Super Bowl LV

The Super Bowl-winning coach Bill Cowher took on many topics this morning on CBS. Cowher talked about Social Injustice and named his Super Bowl winner. Bill doesn't shy away from how he feels and why should he? Cowher is a Pro Football Hall of Fame coach who has done it all in the NFL. The first issue he talked about was players advocating for social injustice and asked the fans not to be judgmental.

"When I think about the NFL it is the most diverse league in professional sport," Cowher said. "Diverse in socioeconomic upbringing, diverse in race, diverse in gender. We have women coaches and women in the front office, but yet every team is trying to create a family culture based on unconditional relationships."

"We don't have to all agree on everything, but we have to respect everybody because we have not walked in your shoes and I say this to the fans please don't be judgmental today listen to these statements these teams are making. This is not about the Flag. I love this country, but we can all do better. Please vote."

Bill Cowher also predicted his Super Bowl LV Picks! From the AFC Cowher has picked the Pittsburgh Steelers and from the NFC Cowher has picked the Seahawks. That would set up a rematch from Super Bowl XL in 2005. The Steelers won that Super Bowl and Hines Ward was named the MVP. How sweet would it be if Coach Cowher's prediction comes true and Ben Roethlisberger gets his third super bowl then rides off into the sunset!

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