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Bill Cowher says Mike Tomlin will be the Steelers head coach 'as long as he wants to'

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Mike Tomlin will enter his 15th season as the Steelers head coach in 2021 and was signed to a three-year contract extension this offseason that will take him through at least the 2024 season.

During his tenure, Tomlin has been one of the most successful coaches in the NFL. He won a Super Bowl in just his second year as the Steelers head coach, becoming the youngest Super Bowl-winning coach in NFL history at 36 years old. Tomlin has a 145-78-1 (.650) regular-season record, ranking 12th in NFL history with a regular-season record of 67 games over .500. In addition, his .650 win percentage in the regular season ranks second among active head coaches, with a minimum of 100 games, in the NFL and ranks 11th in NFL history.

Former Steelers head coach and Hall of Famer Bill Cowher was on CBS Sports' All Things Covered podcast with former Steelers cornerback Bryant McFadden recently. And McFadden asked Cowher how long can he see Tomlin as the head coach in Pittsburgh.

"Well, I think as long as Mike wants to be there," Cowher said. "I think the one thing that I've seen with Mike is that he's so genuine in everything that he does. He's a player's coach, I don't use that negatively, I hate when people say 'player's coach it means you're soft.' He's not that at all, but he's a guy that can inspire the guys he has played with. His record speaks for (itself). His consistency that he has produced year in and year out. I hope he's there for a long time as long as he's happy being there. It's a demanding job. Pittsburgh's a small town. Sometimes, you're probably appreciated more so outside your city than you are inside your city. I think people from the outside realize how good of a football coach Mike Tomlin is. ... There's no question Mike will be there as long as he wants to be there, and he'll be the first one to know when it's time to walk away."

There was some speculation a few years ago that Tomlin would step away from his head coaching job with the Steelers, as his two sons are now in college and play football. However, with Tomlin signing a three-year extension this offseason, it appears that Tomlin isn't going anywhere anytime soon.


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