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Bill Cowher has a memoir coming out in June

(Photo by Brian To/Getty Images)

Jim Wexell came out with a book on Troy Polamalu in November, and now there's another Steeler related book set to come out in a few months. Simon & Schuster announced on Friday that a Bill Cowher memoir called "Heart and Steel" will be released on June 1.

The excerpt below is a short description of "Heart of Steel" by Simon & Schuster.

"A poignant, inspirational story about football, family, and love from Bill Cowher, the Super Bowl–winning, Hall-of-Fame Pittsburgh Steelers coach, and cohost of CBS’s The NFL Today.

"Long before the Lombardi Trophy, the Golden Hall of Fame jacket, and successful TV career, legendary head coach Bill Cowher was simply “Billy from Crafton. "

"Born and raised just fifteen minutes from old Three Rivers Stadium, it was in Crafton where the foundation of Cowher’s irrepressible work ethic, passion for teaching, and love of football and the Pittsburgh Steelers were built. Now, for the first time, Cowher will shine a light on a life filled with success, achieved through will and resilience in situations which, often times, appeared to be hopeless."

Below is the link to pre-order Cowher's memoir that will come out on June 1.

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