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Big Ben should be back. Should we be excited?

(Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

With Matt Canada as coordinator, this is something we should definitely be excited for. Randy Fictner left the Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers’ Offense unprepared in games. It was quite evident. There was only a Plan A. Never a Plan B. That was the biggest problem. It made the Steelers a very predictable offense that really backfired on them in the long run.

Just see the Browns game, there were issues all around. First, the bad snap, but after that, the Steelers weren’t able to get anything done. To start the year, the quick passes seemed to work quite well. We really caught opposing defenses off guard. However, at some point they figured out the timings and were easily able to slow them down.

Randy Fictner was Ben’s guy. However, he wasn’t the right choice for this team at this stage. He didn’t call the right plays. When he did call plays, they seemed not to work. When Steelers fans heard of Ben saying he was “drawing up plans in the dirt.” We knew there was definitely some issues.

Hopefully, Canada is able to be creative enough with the aging wonder that is Ben Roethlisberger. If he can do that, then we might be able to contend again. We have above average receivers. The other positions though, they might need looked at. We need to look at offensive line. We also need to look at running backs in the draft.

This team will be completely different next year, we definitely need to see if Big Ben can be the difference maker this coming season which very well could be his last. For that, we should be excited. It’s all or nothing for Ben. He needs to be hungry and ready for this season. It in reality, is his last chance. His cap hit is 41.25 million and he is making 19 million this season. It’s time to earn it.

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