Big Ben’s Rejuvenation

Over the past few years, we as Steelers fans have gone through so much. From the AFC Wildcard in 2015 where the Bengals basically handed us the game off of a Shazier strip off Bengals’ Jeremy Hill, the departure of Le'Veon Bell and dare I say Antonio Brown. These players were once known as the "Killer Bees" now, other than Boswell we are really only left with a Killer Bee and that's "Big Ben" Roethlisberger.

After a terrible 5-interception game at Jacksonville, we heard Ben say this, "Maybe I don't have it anymore." However, after Todd Haley leaving the team, we saw a new Ben. Talking as if he would play for, “another three years.” This gave us, as fans a bit of hope after hearing comments such as the one above. Still, after those comments we were hit with a season full of uncertainty after Ben’s elbow injury. After this injury, we then hear more hope. Hope that he isn’t going to retire after such an injury, but he plans on coming back and being stronger than ever.

After all these events that led to where we are today, what can we expect out of Ben? Can we expect a Ben who throws for 5000+ yards again? Something tells me no. I think we will see a Ben who throws 32+ Touchdowns though. I think his interceptions might be at around 13. I think we will see a conservative offense run by Coach Randy because of the need to keep the main cog in our offense healthy. Once again, if we lose Ben Roethlisberger, expect another season of pain and suffering. Trust me, we all wanted Duck/Rudolph to succeed, however, they were not Ben. Undoubtedly, we have seen a more passionate Ben and we are all hoping for the best in this upcoming season.

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