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Big Ben Intends on Returning for 2021 Season

(Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

Per Adam Schefter, Big Ben is intending to play again after this season. Which is great news because the Steelers are much better when he is playing under center. Just hopefully, we get our offense woes worked out and put him in the best position to win.

However, the Steelers still should keep an eye out for their QB of the future. Having that will be huge in the transition from Roethlisberger to the Unknown we could be facing in the next couple years.

The AFC North division is filled with 3 capable Heismen Winning Quarterbacks and I think the Steelers should keep their eyes open with the signal caller that could be eventually the one competing against those Quarterbacks in our division.

As long as Ben’s heart is in it, count me in. If not, I wonder if he might just decide to call it an early quits after this season. It’s been a long uncertain season, but these Pittsburgh Steelers have done a nice job adapting and playing winning football.

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