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Big Ben and Steelers Turn the Tide

(Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

This game against the Colts started off ugly. However, the Steelers showed me something I haven’t seen in a couple weeks. That thing is winning football. Big Ben looked a little lackluster at first, however, he seemed to get over the funk he was in and ended up passing for 342 yards on 3 touchdowns.

The Steelers didn’t have much help from their running backs. James Conner led the team with 20 yards and a touchdown. While Benny Snell had 6 carries for 0 yards. The running game is still quite a level of concern for me. They are definitely not playing well enough. I will be interested to see how James Conner does down the stretch. He’s recovering from injury and hopefully his role only increases as the season goes on.

His receivers did excellent on the day. This win came when the Steelers needed it most. This win makes sure everyone knows that we are back. We are ready to make some noise in the playoffs and hopefully get #7 on the back of #7. I admit, I’ve counted him out, I wish I could take it back. However, only thing that matters is winning and he’s giving us the best chance of winning.


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