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Benny Snell rolls over Ravens

Benny Snell looked decent in his start over James Conner. Nothing earth shattering, however, just good enough to help lead the Steelers to their 11 victory of the Season. The stats that Snell ended with were 16=60 and a key first down to end the game. Snell also added 3 for 33 in the air which was encouraging.

The Running game this whole season has been hot/cold. However, even without the #1 back in James Conner they are able to pull off the win. This was the strangest football game I watched. I am happy it’s over. Feels like we should’ve lost with all the drops. However, we are 11-0 and we’ll all take it.

Steelers will hope for a healthy James Conner returning to play the strong defensive front of the Washington Football Team facing Chase Young and company.

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