Benny Snell Jr. on being a Steeler: 'I’m ride and dying about where I’m at'

(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

Two different outlets recently claimed that Benny Snell Jr. is in danger of being cut or traded by the Steelers before the 2021 season, but the third-year running back out of Kentucky is just continuing to grind and not listen to the outside noise.

"Honestly, I can say I’m taking it as a part of my journey," Snell said on Kentucky Sports Radio. "I never have settled and been comfortable, you know that. "This is my job now, you know. Another thing I keep in mind was the Steelers picked me; I didn’t pick the Steelers so I’m ride and dying about where I’m at. When it’s time to work, it’s time to work. I feel like, even on top of us having Najee, you can just do one back for the whole season and hustle. I definitely know that roads and big time moments are going to come up and I’m going to make sure I’m ready for them. I’m just keeping my head down and working.”

Snell also mentioned the importance of getting reps with Ben Roethlisberger during OTAs and minicamp.

“I know Big Ben wanted to start throwing and getting connections with guys early so I wanted to make sure I was back for that,” Snell said. “I’m locked in to learn and take in any type of knowledge or understanding that he says because he’s been around. He knows what it takes. It’s good to have such a veteran player, like you said, a future Hall-of-Famer on my team and I value that and I take note of that every day.”