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Benny Snell Gets Going (It’s not enough)

(Fredrick Breedon/Getty Images)

After another disappointing loss, this time to the Cincinnati Bengals, the Steelers are on a three-game losing streak that really couldn’t come at a bad time. Typically, these Steelers losses come at an earlier point in the season. However, after going 11-0, the Steelers seem to have regressed almost to a historic low.

However, a bright spot this week was the play of Benny Snell who rushed for 84 yards on 18 carries. He also added 23 yards in the air. He rushed for a single touchdown. All in all, a pretty good day for him. However, it was not enough.

The Steelers really didn’t give any of their other running backs much of a shot. Each of the, got a carry respectively. I think we should’ve seen a little more out of Anthony McFarland Jr. I know he’s not the answer, however, it would be nice to see some of that speed in use especially with Big Ben sucking.

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