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Ben Roethlisberger Wednesday Recap

Ben Roethlisberger took his normal Wednesday questions with the Pittsburgh media today. Ben was asked about how he sees the quarterback position in the future. Does he consider himself a running quarterback now? What did he think about Okorafor's performance on Sunday? If he has ever experienced a game being pushed back like the Titans game and what he thinks about his wide receiver corps this season?

Where do you see the quarterback position in the league heading?

"You know it’s hard to tell, We’ve seen some guys come and go, and we’ve seen some guys come and be superstars. I think by that time I’ll be long gone anyway. I’m just going to keep playing the game the way that I know how, but what these guys are doing is pretty impressive. "

Do you consider yourself a running quarterback after last Sunday, and as you evolve getting back into things, do you see more success so far when the ball is coming out of your hand quickly?

"I’ve always seen myself as a running quarterback. My eyes are just always downfield because I’d rather throw it than run it. Obviously, I just run for my life sometimes. You know, I think you have to play the game within the game. Sometimes the ball has got to get out of your hands quick. Sometimes you have to hold it and take shots. Rarely do we go into a game. I won’t say never. Rarely do we go into a game and say OK get the ball out of your hands as fast as possible and things like that. We do say let’s get the ball in the hands of our playmakers. That doesn’t always mean it has to be fast, but you want to get it in their hands sometimes it’s down the field. Sometimes, it’s shorter routes. Really kind of each week, each game plan dictates a little how the ball comes out and how fast it may come out."

What did the performance that Chukwuma Okorafor had on Sunday do for your confidence in him?

"You know, I’ve always believed in Chukwuma Okorafor. I knew coming into the season that it was a really good battle between him and Zach Banner. In my opinion, you couldn’t go wrong. I think both of them are great players that put a lot of work in. We’ve seen Chuks in the past play, whether it’s being an extra tight end reporting or playing tackle. We, and I specifically, have a lot of confidence in him, and the rest of the guys up front do too because they have to believe in each other because you’re working so closely with that guy next to you. To have Dave back, an All-Pro, I know that helps Chuks. It makes Pouncey feel better. I feel better with it. I think that group is just continuing to get better."

Do you remember any point in your career having a week as uncertain as this one?

"We just focused on what we can control, and that’s preparing for the Tennessee Titans like today is a normal in-season Wednesday. The rest of the week has to be that way as well."

What is your view on how things have unfolded for your receiving corps this year?

"I would say that the biggest stat is 3-0. I don’t think that anybody cares about their stats right now. No one is complaining. No one is coming to me. I’m not exactly playing lights out. Their stats are directly reflected from the way I play. If I’m not playing well, then their stats aren’t going to be very good. Obviously, some of their numbers are down because I’m not playing as well as I should be and need to be playing, but they are all contributing. There’s a lot of guys who have their hand in the pile, if you will, and are making plays for us. And it seems like it’s someone different every week. We’ve got some guys that we can depend on all the time and some new guys are making plays. The ball is getting spread around. That’s what makes it fun is everybody is involved, and everybody is involved in winning the football game, and at the end of the day, that is our only priority."

What is the emotional difference when a team is 3-0 and finding ways to win versus being 0-3?

"I’ve been doing this a long time, started a lot of different ways. I couldn’t tell you how I started seasons in the past in terms of records. What’s our best? I don’t know what’s our worst. I have no clue. I just know where we are now. Obviously, guys, coaches, the whole building feels better when you are 3-0 compared to 0-3, but this is a professional group. We are not riding that high right now because we know this week is a big week, and we have another really good football team we have to go on the road to play. Definitely feels better, but we are taking it like professionals and just taking it week by week."

Ben Roethlisberger is not worried about starting the season 3-0 because he feels the Steelers are looking to do bigger things this season like winning a championship. He feels the Steelers shouldn't ride high right now because he knows this week is a big week going against the undefeated Titans on the road. He feels the Steelers need to stay professional and not get ahead of themselves. He says the Steelers could care less about stats right now as long as they are winning football games.

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