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Ben Roethlisberger: "We don't need to send messages to other teams"

The Pittsburgh Steelers walked into Heinz Field this past Sunday on a 3 game losing streak. They came in to play a good Colts team who have won 5 out of 6 of their recent games and ended up beating them. Throughout the week prior to the Colts game, the media were talking about JuJu Smith-Schuster dancing on their opponent's logo in the middle of the field during their pregame warm-ups. They even went on to try and say JuJu was the issue why the Steelers were on a 3 game skid. Well, JuJu eventually came out at the end of the week and said he will not be dancing on their opponent's logo anymore.

Ben made a lot of post-game comments about how the game went, but he had an interesting take in regards to not sending messages to other teams. Not sure if his comments were pointed at JuJu or just aimed at amping up the team? He said they need to send messages to themselves and show they still have it.

"We don't need to send messages to other teams," Ben said. "We need to send messages to ourselves. We need to prove to each other that we can do it, that we have guys in this locker room that can make plays, that are special talents."

Ben is right in making these comments. He is the leader of the Pittsburgh Steelers and he is asking his guys to do the talking on the field. Yes, it is entertaining to see JuJu dancing before the game on the opponent's logo, but it does give fuel to the other team prior to the game being played. Ben wants his team to show their special talents on the field by winning football games and making a statement. Leave it all on the field. That message will resonate in the locker room and it needs to right now because many of the Steelers in the locker room haven't played in a playoff game. They need to stay focused on the game of football right now because if they don't they could be a one and done team proving they are the worst 12-3 team in the NFL.

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