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Ben Roethlisberger reportedly has a 'stricter diet' than Tom Brady

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

Ryan Burr, who has worked for NBC Sports, ESPN and Fox Sports Pittsburgh (now AT&T Sportsnet) has sent out a series of tweets in the last 24 hours in regards to Ben Roethlisberger and what he's hearing from his camp.

The most noteworthy being that Roethlisberger is taking a Tom Brady approach to his diet, and it's reportedly even stricter than Brady's.

"Ben camp says (the) biggest concern is weight loss," Burr tweeted. "He has been so driven since (the) season ended. Source says his diet is stricter than (Brady's)."

Burr says the source goes on to say from an arm standpoint, Roethlisberger is more likely to win his first league MVP than finish outside the top 10 in passing.

Roethlisberger has taken a lot of heat from the media this offseason, as national media members like Mike Tannenbaum, Adam Schein and Jason La Canfora believe that he's "washed up." According to Burr, Roethlisberger hears it all.

“Ben will never mention the beating he has taken in the media but says from a dedication standpoint has never seen anything from Ben close to this in past," Burr tweeted. "Source says (he's) obsessed with diet & workouts. “

Burr says he has covered Roethlisberger since he was in high school when he worked for WTVG 13abc in Toledo and has seen the many transformations of the star quarterback. Burr believes the stigma of Roethlisberger's early days in Pittsburgh has never gone away.

"In PGH (I) saw BR transform again into star QB that didn’t go well. Motorcycle booze women," Burr tweeted. "Then he married, was forced to settle down. But the narrative of beer guzzling lazy Ben never went away.

Find me an athlete and professional sport that gets blamed for everything as much as BR? From a source in Roethlisberger's camp, he is tired of it. His ego is tired of it. If Steelers don’t run (the) ball it’s because BR only wants shotgun. If OL has trouble BR holds (the) ball to long. If the defense struggles BR scored (too) quick. Listen I have seen the total A-hole Ben. I have seen the unprepared out of shape Ben. I am told for what it’s worth those former Ben’s have been buried in a grave."


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