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Ben Roethlisberger on Chase Claypool: 'He has got God-Given abilities'

Kevin Colbert is the ultimate genius when drafting wide receivers. It showed yesterday when Chase Claypool had a monster 4 touchdown game against the Eagles. Claypool ended up with 110 receiving yards with 7 catches and 4 touchdowns. Franco Harris, Lynn Swann, and John Stallworth didn't even accomplish this in their rookie year. Ben Roethlisberger spoke with ESPN's Brooke Pryor after the Eagles game and said Claypool is talented and he has God-given abilities that not many people have. Ben said Claypool is big, fast, strong, and very smart.

"He's talented, he has got some God-given abilities that not many people in this world have," Roethlisberger said about the rookie receiver. "He is big, fast and strong, and he's very, very smart. So we're able to do those things like move him around and do some things with him. That last touchdown is a perfect example. Changed the play, and he makes it happen. I just have to give him a little bit of a cue, and it's awesome."

Ben complimented Claypool for being smart because Ben ended up changing the play towards the end of the game that sealed the win for the Steelers. That ended up being Claypool's 4th touchdown. He never practiced changing that particular play with Ben as they did in the game. He said he ended up in Ebron's spot which is unusual for him.

"I've never been in that spot, Claypool said. "That's usually Ebron. I actually had to ask him what I was doing because I had one thing in mind and I wanted to make sure that was the right thing because it was a crucial point in the game. He just told me, kind of told the whole defense, which is my fault."

Tomlin did end up saying Claypool played a big game but didn't say much after that. Ben Roethlisberger on the other hand complimented the rookie quite a bit. That is pretty impressive to be complemented by a two-time Super Bowl 17-year veteran like Ben. It is going to be great to watch Chase Claypool develop with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the coming years.

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