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Ben has been lights out despite recent turnovers

(Photo Obtained via Getty Images from Joe Sargent)

Despite his three interceptions, Big Ben has truly been what we’ve been missing. After last year, anything will look better than our mediocre quarterback play. On the season, he has 13 touchdowns and 4 interceptions.

He needs to do much better job protecting the football because normally, 3 turnovers would result in a loss and a depressing plane ride home. However, because of a missed Gostkowski kick to lose the game, the Steelers ended up starting 6-0 for the first in a long time. Definitely the first time in my lifetime so it’s quite awesome to be in this position. They need to keep this up and keep winning.

One thing I don’t like to see is Big Ben throwing almost 50 times a game. I think the Steelers do better when we have our running backs going. Conner had a really good game but they seemed to abandon the run as the game progressed and I think Conner should’ve been put in a better position to control the game toward the end.

My favorite play by of the game was the lob to Ebron when he was getting out of a sack. I just think that was a really good play by him and I’m excited to see that type of drive to win from our Quarterback. That was the type of throw we’d see out of the other young quarterbacks in the league.

This season, we are truly seeing vintage Ben and it’s time we all enjoy it and appreciate what it is like to have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL on our team in this very uncertain 2020 season.

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