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Avery Williamson after Winning the AFC North: "It was something I have never experienced before"

The Pittsburgh Steelers looked like they were going to lose the game on Sunday against the Colts heading into the 3rd quarter. Then all of a sudden there was a spark that fired under Ben Roethlisberger and he FINALLY led his offense to a big win against the Colts who were a pretty good football team. The Steelers finally closed out the AFC North when they should have done it a week prior against a 2-10-1 Bengals team. That is in the past and we hope they leave it in the past heading into the playoffs.

At the beginning of the season, Avery Williamson was on a team who failed to win a game while he was on the Jets. Of course, now they have won a couple of games in New York. So Avery never really knew what it was like to win football games and has never won a division before. That was until yesterday. Williamson said it was a surreal feeling.

"It was very surreal, It was something I have seen growing up and since I have been in the league, teams win the division, hats, and t-shirts. It was something I never experienced before. It definitely was a surreal feeling. That fourth down when we finally got off the field, I was like, what we actually won it."

Even though it was a great feeling for Avery Williamson he said the Steelers are still hungry going into the playoffs because they are looking to get a Super Bowl to win. That would be even more surreal for not only the players but the City of Pittsburgh if they won a Super Bowl in 2020.

"Even though it was a great feeling, but we still have a lot of hunger. We have a lot of work to do. Ready to go get to these playoffs when they get here and compete for a Super Bowl."

Avery Williamson had a great game against the Colts. So he deserves all the credit in the world in regards to helping the Steelers win the AFC North Championship. He ended the Colts game with 9 tackles, 5 assists, and 1 quarterback hit. His production is showing how great it is to be in such a good system like the Steelers. Now if only they can just get to the Super Bowl then it would be even more surreal for Avery Williamson.

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