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Arthur Moats says Eric Ebron has a very high ceiling but hasn't been consistent with catching

The Pittsburgh Steelers signed Eric Ebron during Free Agency in 2020 to a $12 million dollar contract for two-years. His contract included a $5 million dollar signing bonus, $5 million dollars guaranteed, and a $6 million dollar contract annually. That is a decent size contract for a tight-end in Pittsburgh.

It's funny because Yinz knew Ebron had issues with drops coming into 2020 and also has issues blocking. It seems most forgot about those issues heading into 2020 and had very high expectations for him. When I talk about high expectations I am talking about Ebron coming into Pittsburgh and becoming a Pro Bowl Tight-End. He did pretty well in 2020 finishing the season with 56 receptions, 91 targets, 558 receiving yards, and 5 touchdowns. That is much better than any tight-end the Steelers have had since Heath Miller.

Arthur Moats recently talked about Eric Ebron on his Podcast. He asked the question was signing Eric Ebron a good move for the Pittsburgh Steelers? Moats says we know Ebron has a very high ceiling, but we have seen the floor that he has in terms of not being consistent catching. We all thought those issues would magically disappear when Ebron suited up in the Black and Gold. Once those issues started to reappear Steeler fans were like what is going on? He never would drop the ball... Yeah, those have always been there and that is what comes with Ebron.

Moats was not bashing Ebron while discussing him during his podcast. He was just speaking facts. The fact is Ebron can become a very good tight-end with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but when you throw him the ball his consistency is about 50-50 with catching the ball. It needs to be higher so the Steelers can definitely feel more confident with using him going forward. There were times in games when they hardly even used Ebron and it showed they were hesitant to get him the ball.

From an athletic standpoint, Ebron showed he is very capable of catching the ball and gaining those extra yards that are needed. At one point in the season, he even hurdled into the end zone against the Cowboys which was a great play! It just comes back to being consistent when catching the football. I think that Moats is right when it comes to that and it's nothing more than constructive criticism. Ebron can improve big time in the offseason with his hands. Overall in my opinion he had a good first season with the Steelers, but I think he has a bigger ceiling than what we are seeing being played out on the football field.

Moats finished his podcast comparing Kyle Rudolph to Eric Ebron and said the Steelers will be making tough decisions soon. He feels Rudolph is a Heath Miller type at this point in his career and teams could probably get him for what it would be if they were to cut Ebron. He gives Rudolph the edge with catching the ball but says Ebron is way better athletically playing football.

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