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Art Rooney II speaks on Big Ben's Future

(Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

We didn't learn anything new from the meeting between the two, however, we now know officially that Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers are in talks to rework Ben's contract to hopefully help out the team in the short term. We got this Tweet from Burt Lauten who is the Steelers Director of Communications.

I feel as if this is the best case scenario for Steelers Fans because we now know that we have a QB for 2021 and despite what many Steelers Fans might think, we know have our best shot at contention in the building for 2021. #7 gives us the best chance for #7 in 2021. However, if we lose like we did this year once again, it will be time for Ben Roethlisberger to hang it up and it will be time for the Steelers to rebuild.

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