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Art Rooney II says the Steelers are going to try and get a long term deal done with TJ Watt

It looks like the Steelers will be bringing the brinks truck to Pittsburgh soon. They can work with TJ Watt right now to extend his current contract but may wait until 2022 to get a deal done. The sooner they get a deal done with TJ Watt the better. Watt has played with his hair on fire in his 4 seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers putting up 42.5 sacks in those 4 seasons. He should be the Pittsburgh Steelers first priority going forward.

Watt will be playing on his fifth-year option going into 2022 and then the Steelers will need to pay him in order to retain his services in Pittsburgh. TJ could be the highest-paid linebacker in Steelers History. Some feel TJ Watt could get a $100 million dollar contract in Pittsburgh. Art Rooney II says the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to try and get a long-term deal done with TJ Watt. It is unclear if they will start the process now or at the end of the season. Regardless the Steelers need to lock him up and retain him in Pittsburgh.

The Steelers linebacker was robbed two seasons in a row for the Defensive Player of the Year and that seems to have motivated him even more heading into 2021. Not only will he be playing for a big contract he will also be playing to reach his goal of becoming the Defensive Player of the Year Award. The 2021 season is setting up to be a huge year for TJ Watt.

Hopefully, we see him break James Harrison's season franchise record of 16 sacks in a single season. He could have done it in 2018 and 2019, but the Steelers chose to sit him during their last week heading into the playoffs. It will be very interesting to see what type of numbers the Steelers and TJ Watt can come up with. They could break the Steelers record for the most paid linebacker in Steelers Franchise History. It would not be surprising.

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