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Antonio Browns says he's ready to play with Lamar Jackson

(Screenshot from Antonio Brown's Twitter)

It seemed like things were going well for Antonio Brown in Tampa Bay, but things went downhill fast after his fake COVID-19 vaccination card incident and his fallout with Bruce Arians, which resulted in Brown being cut after he infamously stormed off the field and took off his uniform at MetLife Stadium against the Jets in Week 17.

Brown is now looking for his next team, which would be his fifth in the last five seasons. And Brown has his eyes set on the Ravens.

"Lamar Jackson, action Jackson," Brown said on "I AM Athlete" when asked which quarterback he wants to play for next. "Let's give Lamar Jackson his flowers. Shoutout to Lamar Jackson, that's it."

AB and Jackson both hail from Miami, and AB's cousin Marquis "Hollywood" Brown plays for the Ravens. Brown even went as far as tweeting a photo of himself in a Ravens uniform on Tuesday afternoon.

Brown was also thrilled to see the Buccaneers eliminated from the playoffs on Sunday, as he posted a "Bucs eliminated" meme, and later tweeted that Arians was a "barbarian."

According to TMZ, Brown partied after the Buccaneers' loss on Sunday at a Miami nightclub and racked up a $15,000 bill. TMZ said Brown rocked a huge fur coat and was the life of the party at the packed venue -- which, at one point, played his new "Pit Not The Palace" song for the crowd. I wonder if John Harbaugh would be interested in AB? While he's 34 years old, he still can be a productive receiver. And the Ravens can use another weapon for Jackson. AB's more likely than not going to be a massive headache, however. He has a long track record.

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